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Posted on: December 30, 2009 11:19 pm

Football helmet logos

As a young'un - I was first attracted to football by the most obvious symbol - those helmets.  We got plastic football helmets for Christmas, but had to paint on our own logos.  2nd grade art class always found me drawing teams battling it out on the field.  I found you could just bounce your pencil on the paper to make the crowd (though Mrs. West didn't approve of the noise).  Drawing those teams of helmets took a lot of art.  I came to enjoy the teams with simple logo designs.  Below is a list of my most favorite designs.

Easy to Draw

Dallas Cowboys
- that simple Star symbol - quick, easy.  I'd have a team full of Cowboys drawn in no time.  I always thought the star had something to do with the badge to the old west sheriff wore.  I just recently realized it probably has more to do with the "Lone Star State.

Los Angeles Rams - Those curly-que horns were great to drawn.  Mine always looked more like whirlpools.  Plus, having horns on your head just made sense.

Minnesota Vikings -  That simply horn design.  I'd have full teams of Vikings beating up on Cowboys in no time.  Again - horns on your head makes sense.

Philadelphia Eagles -  Drawing the wing was easy enough.   But why did you have wings on your head?

Kansas City Chiefs - An arrowhead with a KC. Took some practice, but I eventually got it.

Never could draw

New England Patriots - Plus, I doubt minutemen ever hiked footballs.

Miami Dolphins - Made sense - a dolphin on the helmet.  I'm not sure why the dolphin was wearing a helmet.  I of course thought the dolphin was wearing a Dolphins helmet - in a never ending design.  I was definitely disappointed to find it was just a darn M (see my rant about "M" helmets below.)

Teams I didn't like.

Cleveland Browns - If you were coloring in pencil, you simply did nothing.  Boring.

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