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Posted on: January 16, 2011 12:58 am

Bring the BCS to the Miss America Pageant!

It's time to bring the best playoff system ever, the BCS, to the best beauty pageant ever:  Miss America.  Here's how it would work:
(1) The country would be divided into 12 regions.  1 winning contestant would be selected from the states in that region.(2)    6 regions would be "automatic qualifying" regions.  The 6 Miss contestants from those regions would go to the semi-finals.(3) The figures of the six AQ Misses would be entered into a computer, and two finalist selected.(4) The two finalists would compete head to head, with the winner crowned Miss America.(5) The other 4 finalists would compete, along with the 2nd place Miss from the South, head to head for Miss Congeniality, Quality of Life, and other awards.  If the best Miss from a non-AQ region had a perfect figure, she could compete for Miss Congeniality.
This would make sure it's fair to all Misses!
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